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Corporate Lawyer

: 3R Recruitment Company, www.3r.ru




Hihg legal education

Knowledge of all aspects of negotiation

Expertise in contracts and in practices

Possesses an understanding of business

Analytical, detail oriented and able to quickly identify and synthesize relevant information

Good communication skills, clear writing abilities

English - fluent


Understand and explain theorganization, structure, its policies and practices

ArticulateCompanie's standard terms and the rationale behind each

Apply business experience and specialized knowledge and understanding of processes, contract structure, methods, terms, conditions and practices

Balance competing points of view, both outside and inside Company

Identify and mitigate business, technical and legal risks

Understand and describe at a high level Company's offerings, and major markets

Lead the resolution of any contractual and related issues

Participate as a team member in the review of Requests for Proposal, and their responses

Provide advice and counsel in assisting sales and service personnel in understanding and applying practices, terms and conditions

For Strategic Outsourcing, oversee contractual performance and identify areas for revenue growth/profit enhancement


High level of compencation

Social package


: 26.11.2007

: 1

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