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Contract Law. Договорное право. Вечерний курс 20.01 - 25.05.2022

12.01.2022Pericles Center for International Legal Education, www.pericles.ru

Курс по Договорному праву в рамках Common Law. 

Подробный разбор контрактных конструкций и деталей .



По Средам 19-22, (первое занятие в четверг)

Формат: бимодальный - очный или удаленный

Преподаватель - Мариен Дент, декан Образовательного Центра "Перикл".


Стоимость участия

115 000 руб.


 Objectives of the Course:

In this course students will learn the law of contracts in great detail, in issues ranging from offer and acceptance, the common law concept of consideration, capacity, legal and illegal contracts, mistakes and errors in contract formation, non-performance short of breach, anticipatory breach, breach and remedies, as well as third-party rights in a contract.  Since common-law jurisdictions such as the United States, Canada and Great Britain develop rules governing contract law on a case-by-case basis, this course is focused on how common law rules are formed and shaped, and the relationship of case law to statutory requirements such as the Uniform Commercial Code.   Studying contract law from cases, as this course does, develops a keen appreciation for when and how things are likely to go wrong in contracting. This focus helps develop analytical and drafting abilities that are the key to good lawyering and client representation. The course will cover maining U.S. material, but will also review substantial developments in English contract law.


Further details here >> https://www.pericles.ru/able/schedules/contract_law_syllabus.htm


Call for more information 495-649-2273



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