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Baker Botts L.L.P., International law firm

Country: United States
Адрес: Suite 450, Ducat Place II, 7 Ulitsa Gasheka, 123056, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (495) 545-0777
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Корпоративное, коммерческое право, M&A

Суды, арбитраж, разрешение споров, медиация

Финансы, банковское право

Земля, недвижимость и строительство

Природные ресурсы, энергетика

Интеллектуальная собственность


21.09.2016 Ведущие российские судебные юристы присоединяются к команде Baker Botts »»
28.05.2012 Максим Левинсон назначен Управляющим партнером "Бейкер Боттс" в Москве »»

Все Пресс-релизы »»



Practice Description

Our firm has a long, distinguished tradition of service to our clients, tracing our history back to the 1840s. Baker Botts plays a vital role in providing clients in Russia/CIS with strong domestic and seamless international service. While Baker Botts has maintained an office in Moscow since 1993, we have been involved in the region since mid-1970s when the firm advised a major energy client on a large natural gas project in the former Soviet Union. The firm provides a complete range of legal services to a myriad of industries in Russia including oil and gas, technology, food and beverages, consumer products & retail, banking and financial services, software/IT and real estate. Our commitment to the clients has kept Baker Botts consistently ranked among the top legal firms in Russia. Our lawyers have a detailed understanding and extensive experience of doing business in rapidly changing economy of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

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