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Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (Orrick (CIS) LLC), International law firm

Country: United States
Адрес: 123056 Moscow, 7 Gasheka Street, 6th floor
Phone: +7 495 775 4805
Site: www.orrick.com
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Корпоративное, коммерческое право, M&A

Суды, арбитраж, разрешение споров, медиация

Финансы, банковское право

Природные ресурсы, энергетика

Интеллектуальная собственность

Practice Description


Orrick has had an office in Moscow since 2005 when lawyers from the Moscow office of Coudert Brothers joined with us to create a full-service practice in the city. Coudert Brothers had had a long association with the country having been the first international law firm to open an office in Russia.   In Moscow we have experts in M&A and Private Equity, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Emerging Companies and Dispute Resolution.  

The Orrick team in Moscow is fully integrated with our Russia Practice Group which comprises both Russian and foreign lawyers located in many of the world’s key business centres – in London, in Berlin and across the US. This breadth of experience and geographical coverage enables us to serve our global client base doing business in Russia.  

Lawyers and support staff in the Moscow office are all fluent in English and Russian and we also have lawyers fluent in Arabic, French, Italian and Tatar. Many of our Russian lawyers have LLM degrees from US law schools in addition to their Russian law school diplomas and have worked internationally.

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