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Head of Legal Department

Работодатель: Uhrenholt, LLC, www.uhrenholt.ru

Город: Moscow

Требования к кандидатам:

Uhrenholt (Danish Company, Food sector)

is looking for

Head of Legal Department

Company is looking for Head of Legal Department who will report directly to CFO. This position is not new for the company however the role of this person is under reviewing now and should be changed from administrative only to the more managerial in order to centralize legal processes, monitor them in the company and inform about the risks upfront. We are looking for the person who will establish together with CFO and follow the legal framework /legal internal controls without exceptions. Head of Legal Department will have one subordinate (Junior Lawyer).


  • To coordinate/monitor/suggest changes for the whole legal routine for 2 companies
  • Contract management daily routine – update of Contract management policy, fulfillment of rules, timely reviewing of contracts and approvals, possible corrections, implement range of frame contracts/standard company`s contracts, support in contracts terms negotiation, monitoring of contracts compliance with mandatory requirements
  • Responsibility for contract archive including also insuring of contract availability in original before activity, control over contract validity
  • To be responsible for Due diligence procedures for clients and suppliers, regular review and informing about the legal risks, ensure that all needed procedures of partners evaluation are observed prior the contract signing
  • To be responsible for implementing of changes into the registration documents, preparation of formal Board meetings protocols, registration in state bodies
  • Claims routine, present the company in court processes, and enforce court decisions, claims to the clients breaching the contract terms, suing debtors, enforcing of court decision through banks and court marshalls
  • To work on implementing and formalization, update and keeping alive of internal control processes such as approval hierarchy, due diligence, compliance rules etc.
  • To coordinate insurance process in the company including following up of insurance cases, condition of insurance etc.
  • To monitor changes in the legislation, inform/advise the management about the necessary changes within the company in order to be in line with the law, working of measures


  • High education in law
  • English on a good working level (written and spoken)
  • Previous experience in companies with similar activities (distribution / HoReCa / FMCG / wholesaling / logistic / pharma etc.)
  • Working experience on similar position not less than 2 years (as sole lawyer or in small legal departments – up to 3 employees)
  • Good knowledge of Russian legislation, corporate and registration routines
  • Provide support and consultancy to the colleagues in order to find the best possible solution.
  • Ability to say “no” if the request/process contradicts with law or with company rules and be able to explain the reasons behind and find the mutual solutions


Дата публикации вакансии: 17.12.2012

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